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April 19, 2014
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FW Firefighter Charities Helmets for Heroes
Thanks JR!

I would like to personally thank my good friend JR Sullivan for his countless contributions to Local 440 over the last 24 years. When he began as Secretary/Treasurer of this organization, we were absolutely broke. Our membership with the IAFF was in the “on-hold” category which meant that we were close to being dropped from affiliation. We were truly living “paycheck to paycheck” with no hope of getting caught up. Obviously, a local in that situation is pretty much powerless.

Our dues were set on a flat dollar amount and hadn’t been increased in years. We desperately needed to increase them, but we weren’t sure the members would approve. JR compiled our first-ever line item budget that detailed how much we needed to operate effectively. That budget, and the membership’s trust in JR, convinced them to approve a dues structure tied to a percentage of pay. This put us on a path to financial security that has served us well for the last 20-plus years and enabled us to attain what this local had been striving for since 1935, Collective Bargaining rights!

The duties of his job are many; including the maintenance all records of the local and the handling of all of the finances. Every payday he split the check we receive from the city to the local, PAC and Roth IRA accounts. Not to mention all of the payroll obligations and regular reports and payments to the TSAFF, IAFF, IRS and Texas Workforce Commission.

For most of those years, JR also served as PAC Secretary/Treasurer and had to submit manual reports to the Texas Ethics Commission before on-line reporting was available. In addition, he was elected as one of the first-ever Trustees of our State Association, the TSAFF, and served in that role for 20 years. This past year, he was elected to serve as Secretary/Treasurer of the TSAFF and didn’t seek re-election to the 440 board.

JR has been my “Right Hand Man” for a long time and there’s no doubt his advice to me and guidance to the entire board has been an integral part of why we have one of the very best locals in the nation.

Thanks again my brother,


PS – He’ll still be around for awhile training Ryan Zelazny and … we’re keeping him on retainer to decipher paycheck issues!

General Updates and Information

Contract Evergreen and the Longevity Supplement

With the expiration of our collective bargaining agreement and the beginning of the one-year evergreen period there have been many questions about how this impacts the Longevity Supplement.  For those that have already been receiving the Longevity Supplement you will continue to receive your payments at the level you qualified for before September 30, 2013.  If you did not qualify for Longevity Supplement prior to October 1, 2013 you will not be entitled to receive this benefit during this evergreen period.  Additionally, if you qualify for the next higher level your benefit will not be increased during this one-year period.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact a member of the Local 440 Executive Board.

Texas Health Ben Hogan Sports Medicine

Scott Galloway with the Texas Health Ben Hogan Sports Medicine met with our Executive Board recently to discuss some of the benefits their organization can offer our membership.  See their comments below as well as the attached flyer.

Texas Health Resources and Texas Health Ben Hogan Sports Medicine are committed to the health of athletes across North Texas. We believe that Fire Fighters are athletes in the industrial setting.  Our goal is to provide you with the tools to perform at the top of your game whether you are a high school, college, industrial or professional athlete or a “weekend warrior.”  Unfortunately, injuries are common in athletes. No injury is too big or small. Texas Health has created a network of care for you across the Metroplex. Our team, including physicians on the medical staff and sports medicine staff, are experienced in treating injuries from soccer, basketball, football, baseball, softball, golf, volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, hockey, skiing and tennis. Whether your goal is to compete for a championship or just enjoy a round of golf, the Ben Hogan Sports Medicine team will help you get back in the game.  Whether you are injured while serving the community or playing ball with your kids, we want to help you return to work and play!
Free Heart Scan Certificate
You can download a copy of the certificate by clicking on the link below or by logging in to the website and going to the 'Downloads' section on the left-hand column under 'Member Resources'..

Download: Ben Hogan Sports Medicine Flyer.pdf , CT_Heart_Scan.pdf

Overtime Reminders and Website Login Instructions


Overtime Reminders 

Constant Staffing Overtime (staffing an apparatus) and Emergency Callback Overtime will always be paid at time and one-half of your regular rate of pay.  For other types of overtime, such as training or for administrative functions, you must use J or P time for any hours taken off in a 28-day FLSA cycle to receive time and one-half of your regular rate of pay.  Otherwise the overtime will only be paid as straight time.


Member Login Instructions

Username:  first four letters of your last name and your 3- or 4-digit commission number

Password:  your 3- or 4-digit commission number

Retirees:  if the above does not work, use your last name + the 1st letter of your 1st name and your password is simply the word 'password' without the quotes.

Once logged in go to 'Edit Your Settings' or 'User Settings' and update your address, cell phone number with provider, and your personal email

*** Note: Please don't use your city email address ***

Election Work --> Click on 'Spring 2013 Workers' when editing your settings.  Remember to save after making any changes!

What's New at IAFF 440
2012 MDA Thank You Letter p. 1 of 2
2012 MDA Thank You Letter p. 2 of 2
Workers' Compensation Benefits

 Just a reminder that any Workers' Compensation earnings are tax-exempt.  If you have any questions contact Scott Streater via email at or by phone at 817-994-1595.

Fort Worth ratifies first-ever labor agreement with Firefighters

April 14, 2010

In November of 2007, the citizens of Fort Worth voted to give collective bargaining rights to their firefighters. One year later, IAFF Local 440 was recognized as the sole and exclusive bargaining agent and negotiations began. After 16 months of negotiations, the membership of Local 440 ratified the tentative agreement on April 3rd. It was approved by the city council and signed on April 13.
The agreement locks down 4-person staffing, current pension benefits and current healthcare benefits (including retiree healthcare). Wage increases are the equivalent of 8 1/4 % over 3 years and include a new Longevity Supplement pay.

Login Instructions

Local 440 Active and Retired Members

Username = 1st 4 letters of last name + FWFD commission number (3- or 4-digit)

Password = FWFD commission number

Member Login


Forgot Your Login?

Login Instructions

Local 440 Active and Retired Members

Username = 1st 4 letters of last name + FWFD commission number (3- or 4-digit)

Password = FWFD commission number

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