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April 12, 2021
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Workers' Compensation

Navigating Workers' Compensation Process
Aug 12, 2015

Navigating the Workers’ Compensation Process

Remember, you must report an injury or illness within 30 days if you want to have it covered by Workers’ Comp – this includes a diagnosis of cancer or any of the other items covered by our presumptive law. This is an absolute!

Remember, you DO NOT  have to go to Concentra for your Workers' Compensation care.  You only have to go to a doctor that accepts Workers' Compensation. 

Work with your doctor to make sure your condition is properly documented as an injury or illness that is job related.

 Many legitimate claims will be initially denied by the 3rd party administrator that handles the claims - in hopes that you won’t challenge it. This is when the  real “process” begins.

If denied, contact either of Local 440's Workers' Compensation contacts:

          Scott Streater -- 817-994-1595 cell;, or

          Skyler Ainesworth -- 817-313-7841 cell;

Let us know so we can help you evaluate the need to appeal your denial. A good resource is the TDI website. Go to .html then click on Info for Injured Employees. The FAQ section is very helpful.

Once an appeal is filed you will be assigned an ombudsman. The ombudsman assigned by the state will assist you in challenging the denial. Let us know if you get a Benefit Review Conference set up and we can assist you in preparation.

If you are denied coverage, and your injury or illness requires immediate attention, go ahead and handle it through your insurance. If you eventually prevail through the Workers’ Compensation process, you can then seek to recover out of pocket costs and sick leave used.

Local 440 Workers' Comp Contact
Jul 16, 2015

Please contact either of the following Workers' Comp reps by phone or email for assistance with filing your claim:

Scott Streater -- 817-994-1595 or

Skyler Ainesworth -- 817-313-7841 or

DWC-1 Injury Report Filing Recommendations
Nov 07, 2014

If you are injured on the job and need to file a DWC-1 (1st Report of Injury) follow these guidelines for describing your injury:

DO NOT self-diagnose --> stay generic and use language such as "injured leg" or diagnosed with cancer".

Whoever signs the report will be contacted later and asked to narrow it down.  The original report needs to remain generic so that it does not appear that a treating doctor can provide his diagnosis as the official diagnosis.

Remember to keep a copy of all of your paperwork for on-duty injuries.

DWC Form 041
Nov 07, 2014
"Claim for workers’ compensation must be filed by the injured employee or by a person acting on the injured employee’s behalf within one year of the date of injury or within one year from the date the injured employee knew or should have known the injury or disease may be work-related."
Download: TDI DWC Form 041.pdf

DWC Form 073 Work Status Report Form
Nov 07, 2014
This form needs to be filled out by your doctor at each visit for the determination of your work status (full duty, light duty, or off Occupational).
DWC Form PLN-3 Notification of Medical Maximum Benefit
Nov 07, 2014
This examination and  form should be completed by your doctor before you return to full duty.
Download: TDI DWC Form PLN-3 Notification of Maximum Medical Benefit.pdf

TX Dept. of Insurance Videos
Nov 07, 2014
These videos may help you navigate your way through the Workers' Compensation process: Benefits Review Conference: Contested Case Hearing:

Page Last Updated: Aug 12, 2015 (11:25:00)
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